Get to know our

Employee of the Month

Barbi Gadley

Food & Nutrition Assistant

Santa Fe High School

As we move through our careers as managers we find that one employee that we wish we could clone and take with us from job to job. Very rarely do we find someone as good as the one we remember. They say lightening does not strike twice in the same place but by golly it did!

Barbi is the same person different body of not only the best employee I have ever had the privilege of working with but she is so many qualities of the best of everyone I have ever worked with put together into one person. I don’t even know if words can tell you why Barbi deserves the honor of Employee of the Month. She does her job at an excellent level, every aspect, customer service, quality product (she makes me rise to her standard), cleanliness, attention to detail but it is all the icing on the cake that she does that puts her in the stratosphere. If she sees it needs to be done, she does it. Doesn’t matter what it is, sweeping, taking out trash, putting up truck.. I could go on and on but they only give me 500 words. I would like to nominate Barbi for Employee of the month and can only hope that you are as lucky as I have been twice in my life to have Superwoman working in your building! Thanks!



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