Get to know our

Employee of the Month

Tunji Ivey

Food & Nutrition Assistant

Westwood Middle School

Tunji Ivey is a superhero in this kitchen! All of my staff do multiple jobs, but she does that and more! She is like the glue that holds the staff together, she pushes them hard to be fast and efficient and work together. My favorite thing to hear her say is “I got it, boss!” and that means I can step back for a few moments and catch up on administrative things because whatever is going on in my kitchen I trust her to handle it. That includes the prep, cooking, serving and even customer interaction. Tunji does all this without complaining and is always asking if there is something else she can do. She gives 150% every day, and she’s only a regular Food Assistant! There are FS2’s in this kitchen that don’t do half of what she does every day.