Get to know our

Employee of the Month

Pam Howell

Food & Nutrition Assistant

Mebane Middle School

Pam is an asset to our kitchen. She is the Queen of expiration dates!! As most managers will tell you this is a blessing! When we are dealing with the big puzzle she takes care of these pieces which keep us in compliance with reviews, health inspections and basically quality product. Along with that talent she sells a la carte. She upsells constantly. Her sales go up by a few dollars each day. LOVE IT!! She knows the students and their “regular choices”. She pulls the items as soon as she sees them, keeping the line moving and giving the opportunity for everyone to get through the line. Lastly, an additional super power she possesses is letting me know when we are running low on those a la carte items. Chips, ice cream, yo dots, cookie dough, switches, you name it she is on it. Her theory is we can’t make money if we don’t have the product to sell. Sometimes it is the little things that take so much off of our shoulders and Pam does that for me. She deserves to be recognized for her efforts.



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