Get to know our

Employee of the Month

Tendle Phillips

Food & Nutrition Assistant

Camp Crystal Lake

“It’s not a successful day at Camp without Tendle working her hardest to put smiles on  the Students’  faces! 

Not only does she work efficiently to ensure the quality of our foods exceed Student and  Adult expectations, she maintains the high level of cleanliness necessary in a high traffic kitchen.  She puts the extra effort in to each of her tasks that makes a difference to the day to day operation. 

She has been tasked frequently with assisting in other locations as well that are in need of help, and does so without complaint.  Her flexibility at her homebase and at other locations is much appreciated by all.

In short, Tendle is an integral asset to my small but mighty Team.  If I could clone Tendle for all the positions I need at various times, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so! “