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Employee of the Month

Shanna Hall

Food & Nutrition Assistant

Hawthorne Middle/High

Shanna does an excellent job with her daily work assignments. Shanna will help out wherever is needed without being asked. Shanna is the first person to come in and the last one to leave for the day. Shanna does the main dish for HHS & Shell and does a great job in getting everything ready for the day. When GFS or other vendors comes, Shanna will make sure that everything gets put away into its right place. Shanna moves with great speed to ensure that all work duties get done. She helps out in the office on days that I need her assistance. She does the dishes, makes the sandwiches of the day, Custo Bar, she helps with the veggies at times. Shanna is a very hard worker and she always has a very positive attitude with co-workers, staff members, and the kids. I’m so very happy and thankful to have her on my team.